PurePlus 10x4.5 inch Whole House Well Water Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridge Replacements

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1. Reduces up to 99% of sediment, sand, rust and color in unfiltered well water.

2. BPA-Free Food Grade Materials used to meets European EC1935-2004 Regulations, Australia Water Mark, TUV, ROHS, REACH certification standards.

3. Pleating structure provides larger filtration area than the other sediment filters with the same size and make the filtration higher efficient.

4. 30000 gallons long lifespan depending on water quality. Suggest to replace it every 3-6 months for the average household for optimal performance depending on the use.

5. Widely Compatibilty: Fits for Standard 10 inch X 4.5 inch pleated washable whole house water filters and 9.75 inch x 4.5 inch whole house pre-filtration home filters for GE FXHSC, DuPont WFHDC3001, Culligan R50-BBSA, HD-950, R50-BB, American Plumber W50PEHD, GXWH40L, GXWH35F, GXWH38F, GXWH30C,GNQH38S, WHKF-WHPLBB, Pentair Pentek S1 series, EP series, EPM series, Pentek R50-BB, ECP20-BB, Culligan R50-BBSA, PL10B20, PC20-BB-S, FMBB-10-20, FF10BBPS-20, 155405-51, 155405-43, PPL10BB.

Product details

  • fxhsc water filter

    High Performance Polypropylene Material

    Pleating structure and corrosion resistant fabric, effectively removes 99% large particles, provides you with stable and continuous high water flow.

  • Micron Rating】: 5 Micron

    Flow Rate】: 2.5-5GPM

           *Flow rate varies based on the regional water pressure/quality.

    Filter Dimensions】: Length: 10 inch , Diameter:4.5 inch

    Working Temperature】: 4-52℃/39-126℉

    Max. Operating Pressure】: 100psi

    Normal working pressure】: 60psi

Measurements & Compatible

  • fxhsc water filter

    2 PACK

    【Package Dimensions】    10.4 x 9.6 x 9.5 inches

    【Item Weight】    2.79 pounds

    3 PACK

    【Package Dimensions】 14.25 x 10.55 x 4.8 inches

    【Item Weight 】2.2 pounds

    4 PACK

    【Package Dimensions 】10.4 x 9.6 x 9.5 inches

    【Item Weight】 2.79 pounds


    Ideal for well water


    Culligan R50-BBSA, HD-950

    Pentek R50-BB

    DuPont WFHDC3001

    American Plumber W50PEHD

    Compatible with standard 10x4.5 inch sediment filter models.

    Fits standard whole house 10x4.5 inch filter housing.


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by Karen H.

Pleased with quality of filtered well water.


Q: do these include the rubber seals on each end? [2022-11-02 11:45:20]
at 2022-11-03 00:59:02 Replied :
The only seal these filters require is the rubber O-Ring on your filter housing. These filters do NOT come with replacement O-Rings, but they can be purchased separately.---- ch**** · OCT 10TH, 2022
Q: How do you clean the filter for reuse? [2022-11-02 11:44:33]
at 2022-11-03 00:59:14 Replied :
Dear Customer, Thank you for your question. You just need to flush it with a pressure pump.
Q: Can this filter replace ao-wh-prel-rp - 4.5 in? [2022-11-02 11:41:52]
at 2022-11-03 00:58:46 Replied :
Dear Customer, Thank you for your question.This filter compatible with any standard big blue heavy duty filtration systems with 10""x4.5"" filters,Please confirm size is correct.
Q: How do you wash these in order to reuse them? [2022-11-02 11:35:57]
at 2022-11-03 01:00:29 Replied :
Let's see what the other customer said~ Replacing the filter every 3 to 6 months (depending on how much sediment is in your water) is a better option than re-using them, but I have reused them occasionally to save a few bucks. Here's how we do it: First, make sure the filters are not made with paper - they must be made of polypropylene in order to reuse them. Wash the filter thoroughly with an outdoor hose or in a utility tub, then set them outside in the sun for a few days to completely dry. Any clay or dirt left in the filter will harden during that time and it will come out with a few smacks (or with an air gun). I then soak the filter in a bleach and water mixture for about 24 hours and rinse them again very well. Done. I've used the same filter 3 or 4 times this way before having to replace it, and it lasts almost as long as a new one.----By c****3
Q: How do you wash these in order to reuse them? [2022-11-02 11:35:54]
Q: What is a pleated filter? [2022-10-07 11:10:02]
at 2022-10-09 11:10:02 Replied :
Dear customer, Pleated filter is a pleat-folded-type of extra surface single layer pre-filtration filter made of a precise combination of pharmaceutical grade Polypropylene(PP), Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF), and Polyether Sulfone (PES).
Q: What are the benefits? [2022-08-03 17:43:17]
at 2022-08-05 17:43:17 Replied :
1.The nature of the pleated filter offers increased surface area, which provides an outstanding filtration rate in trapping dirt, 2.dust, particles, and sediments of a filter without sacrificing the flow rate. Cost-effective, long last - Pleated filters are made of reusable materials and the pleat-folded sections can be cleaned, washed with a soft brush to extend its service life.
Q: What is a pleated filter? [2022-08-03 15:10:36]
at 2022-08-05 15:10:36 Replied :
Pleated filter is a pleat-folded-type of extra surface single layer pre-filtration filter made of a precise combination of pharmaceutical grade Polypropylene(PP), Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF), and Polyether Sulfone (PES).
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