PoolPure Pool Filter Replacement for Hayward C1200 CX1200RE, Pleatco PA120, Unicel C-8412, Filbur FC-1293


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【NSF/ANSI 50 Certification】|【Easy Cleaning】|【Powerful Filtration Performance】|【Long Service Life】|【Six-Months Return Policy Guaranteed】

Product details

  • poolpure plf120a filter

    Top Quality Material

    Poolpure only uses Lead-free and BPA free materials.Unique Trilobal Filtration Fabric Structure make it easier to capture large volume of contiminants. It is also easy to wash/clean to recondition the filter. Assure you of safe and no-worry happy times.

    poolpure plf120a filter

     High Chlorine Resistance End Cap

     Reinforced end caps are break resistant and are highly resistant to chemicals commonly found in pool and spa applications.

  • 【Length】: 23 1/4”

    【Outside Diameter】: 8 15/16”

    【Top Opening】: 4"

    【Bottom Opening】: 4"

    【Filtration Area】: 120 sq. ft.

    【Core】: PVC Core

Measurements & Compatible

  • hayward c1200 pool replacement filter

    1 PACK:

    【Package Dimensions】: 24 x 9.5 x 9.2 inches

    【Item Weight】: 7.48 pounds

    2 PACK:

    【Package Dimensions】: 25.08 x 18.78 x 10.08 inches

    【Item Weight】: 15.98  pounds

  • POOLPURE Replacement Filter for Pool and Spa Cleaning Systems

    This filter used in pools / spas made by:

    Endless Pools | Hayward | Sta-Rite and other manufacturers

    Note: All manufacturers' names and part numbers remain the property of their respective holder(s) and are used for compatibility information only.

    Replacement Part Numbers:

    Hayward Star Clear Plus C1200 Series | Hayward 120, CX1200RE, CX1200-RE | Sta-Rite Posi-Clear PXC125 | Pleatco PA120 | Pleatco PA120-4 | Unicel C-8412 | Filbur FC-1293 | Aladdin 22002, 22002SVP | Baleen AK-7005 | Darlly 81202 | Excel Filters XLS-802 | Harmsco H-8412 | SD-00105 | 25230-0125S | APCC7301 | Waterway Pro-clean 125 | Waterway Clearwater II 125sqft | Waterway PCCF-125 | Toread TRF-8412


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Q: How do you tell the top from the bottom? [2022-08-03 14:52:16]
at 2022-08-05 14:52:16 Replied :
Dear customer, Thanks for your interest in our POOLPURE PLF120A Pool Filter Replaces Hayward C1200, CX1200RE, The upper and lower end caps of this filter are the same and do not need to be distinguished.
Q: Anyone else experience a faster water flow rate when using this filter compared to others? Its almost like no filter is installed; no back pressure. [2022-08-03 14:49:19]
at 2022-08-05 14:49:19 Replied :
When the filters are new they will flow better. As they start to filter the water and get clogged, the flow will slow and back pressure will build. The time this will take depends on how "dirty" your water is.
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How to find NSF Certification Information?

How to find NSF Certification Information?

How to find NSF Certification Information?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select search category: Listed Model / Additional Company

Step 3: Enter "PLF120A" in the brand name/model field

Model Information List

Model Information List

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