PUPIHOM 3.4L/115oz Automatic Pet Water Fountain Filter Dispenser Bowl for Cats and Dogs with 3 Replacement Filters

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1. 3.4L/115oz pet water fountain can meet the drinking water needs of an adult cat for a week, which is perfect for small

to medium dogs and all cats. You'll always have enough fresh and cool drinking water for your cute pet.

2. The drinking dispenser with the 300ml extra-large water dish is ideal for families with multiple pets. Even in the event

of a sudden power outage, there is enough water to last all day.

3. The silent water pump, with unique waterway design, reduces the sound of water flow. The sound of the whole

machine running is less than 36 decibels, which will not disturb your family when enjoying a peaceful moment.

4. 3-stage filtration system can effectively remove sediment, dust, hair, odor, chlorine, heavy metals, and always keep

the water fresh and clean.

5. Made from high-quality ABS material and BPA free, which is safe and durable. We promise a risk-free shopping

experience backed up by our reliable Quality Control, Customer Service and Technical Support Team with a Six-month

Return Policy Guaranteed.

Product details

  • Anti-dry-burning pump

    You don't have to worry about burning out the pump even if there is water shortage. The pump has a life span of 2.5 to 4 years.

    Three-speed adjustable water pump 

    Can be used with different water outlet modes. It is recommended to use the lowest gear with the spring mode, and the mid-range and high-end gears with the faucet mode.

    Removable water pump, easy to clean

    Proper cleaning and maintenance of the pump will help prolong the service life of the pump, it is recommended to clean it once a month.

    Safety Protection

    1.2m woven power cord, which is sturdy and tight, and not easy to be bitten or chewed by pets, don't worry about pet safety.

    Minimalist structure, easy to install and clean

    It is recommended to clean the pet drinking fountain once a month.

    3 replacement filters included

    The triple filtration system with water softening function ensures safer, cleaner, and fresher drinking water, making your pet healthier.

  • dog water fountain with filter

Measurements & Compatible

  • dog water fountain with filter

    PUPIHOM CW003 Pet Water Fountain

    7x24H circulating filtration, so that every drop of water can be fully purified, drinking clean, soft water for a long time is beneficial to the health of the pet's urinary system.

    The pet water feeder solves your trouble of frequently feeding pets. The 3.4L effective capacity can supply a small and medium pet for a week, which is suitable for families who often take short trips.

    The water flowing from the drinking tray can wash away the hair and debris on the surface, keeping the water clean at all times.

    The appearance of this automatic water dispenser is designed by an Italian designer, which conforms to modern aesthetics, making it not only a pet water dispenser, but also matches the design of your home.


    Model: CW003

    Capacity: 3.4L/115oz

    Filters: 3 Pack

    Filter Model: PAWF001

    For indoor use only!

    The filter should be changed every 2 to 3 Weeks

    The fountain should be cleaned at least every two weeks

  • dog water fountain with filter


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